March 2018

5 Bad Bathroom Habits You Need to Break Right Now

The bathroom is a very personal place where you perform your most intimate rituals. From heeding the call of nature, soaking, bathing, and grooming, the bathroom is that one area of the house that you use on a daily basis. The bathroom seems generally cleaner than other parts of your home, perhaps because you feel the need to disinfect more often. But it is actually full of germs, bacteria and pathogens lurking at all corners invisible to the naked eye. And if you have lousy and poor bathroom habits, you could end up contracting different sorts of diseases and infections.

Here’s a round-up of the bad bathroom habits you need to break immediately.

Wrong Wiping Habits

If you’ve been wiping from back to front your entire life, it’s time to change things up. According to studies, wiping from back to front spreads bacteria from the anal region towards the vagina, a habit that can put you at higher risks of Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) and other related diseases. So from now on, make sure to wipe from front to back.

If you’re not at all fond of wiping, consider getting a bidet toilet seat for better bathroom hygiene. The bidet seat will clean, dry and deodorize your nether regions with water, and you wouldn’t even have to use tissue in the first place.

Using the Same Old Toothbrush After You’ve Been Sick

Experts suggest replacing your old toothbrush with a new one every three months, and right away after you’ve been sick.

Your saliva contains the germs, viruses, and pathogens which can survive on your toothbrush for days and weeks. Using the same old toothbrush when you have recovered from your condition could put you at risk of re-infection.

Using the Same Old Loofah or Sponge for Months

Many people go on for long periods using the same sponge or loofah without even thinking of getting a replacement. The sponge and loofah are often wet and moist, making them the perfect breeding ground for germs, mold, and mildew.

Now imagine using a dirty loofah over and over again. If you can’t get rid of body acne, you now know the culprit. With that said, it’s essential to squeeze out excess moisture and leave your loofah to dry out inside to kill the germs. Lastly, make sure to replace them at least every month.

Forgetting to Wash Your Hands

Whatever you do inside the bathroom, should always remember to wash your hands. And you should do it correctly too. You need to bring your hands under running water, wash with soap and rinse properly. Finally, make sure to have a designated hand towel in the bathroom and never use someone else’s.

Not Closing the Toilet Lid When Flushing

An open toilet containing body discharges is like an open invitation to various forms of infections and diseases. So when you flush with the lid open, you are also putting yourself at risk of what experts call the “toilet plume.” During this process, … Read More

Parts Of A Kitchen

Design Of The KitchenA house is in no way comprehensive without the need of a kitchen, and practically nothing is a lot more critical than a nicely-kept, completely equipped and strategically made kitchen cook delicious meals and let a family members sit and share their day’s activities. Gone are the days when all that mattered about a kitchen was no matter whether a decent meal could be ready. Today’s modern day kitchen demands every little thing be in sync and up to date. The kitchen floor tiles and color require to match those of the cabinets and other built-ins. The colors of the kitchen cabinets need to have to match the furniture, and all appliances need to preferably be of similar color, or at least of the exact same appear and really feel, so that they will appear as ‘one’.

Modern day appliance design is far more sophisticated and tends to make way for a larger amount of personalisation and customisation giving the utmost convenience to the user. Kitchen Appliances are now far far more high-tech than ever ahead of offering a excellent deal of flexibility and ease of use.

In the starting they have been largely created of wood. But with the evolution of the industry you can now discover them in a variety of materials, these can include things like anything from stainless steel to tile and of course still wood. It is next to not possible to discover a unique style of kitchen that you can not find a style of kitchen island to match. There are also of course a number of shapes to select from, gone are the days exactly where it is just a table in the center of your kitchen. There are three most important shape forms and they are: G, L, and U shapes, these come in unique shapes, in all various sizes.

Maximize your storage choices by purchasing customized kitchen cabinets. Kitchen cabinet design ought to concentrate on meeting your storage specifications, and maximizing all unused space in your kitchen. Cabinets and drawers can come in lots of shapes, sizes, materials and colors. Based upon your general decorating strategy, you can select from a plethora of available possibilities to compliment your preferred style. Cabinet pros will supply stunning, customized cabinetry for your kitchen remodeling project. House customization experts can supply consultations to assess your needs and propose a cabinet method that will both optimize the perform and storage locations in your kitchen, as properly as appeal to your individual taste and style.

Not only will you be capable to see what all is obtainable and how considerably, you will even get to see all of the unique interior kitchen designs that other persons are applying. There are even firms that operate on-line only, who will help you come up with a new design and style. They do this by functioning with you and understanding what it is that you are interested in and what your personal tastes are. This is a wonderful way to … Read More

The Sophisticated Look Of The Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Design Of The KitchenThe kitchen is a single of the most crucial rooms in your household, the spot where you and your family members prepare and consume your meals. As a rule of thumb, there really should be about 48 to 72 inches of wall cabinets for glasses, plates and bowls above the sink and dishwasher to maintain issues in order. To make sure that your kitchen storage is homemaker-friendly, there must be another 48 to 72 inches of cabinets near the oven to hold cooking dishes and other supplies in location. To prime it off, a different set of base cabinets must be placed near the cook leading to store your pots and pans.

The very first issue an outstanding designer does when placing pen to paper on a house design is come across out specifically who is going to live in that home-the exact demographic of the inhabitant. This is specially true about the kitchen which is generally the most lived-in space in the residence and around which a lot of much more activities take place any more nowadays than just cooking. Luckily, today’s demographic in the kitchen ‘mass market’ is simple to define-it is mainly ‘baby boomers’ aged 55-65, followed by ‘leading edge GenX’ers’ aged 45-55 years old. These two demographics between them make up the bulk of the people looking to design and style a kitchen as opposed to simply taking what comes with a new house. People older than 65, the ‘seniors’, are no longer the dominant household owning demographic and do not commit as much time in the kitchen when those younger than 45 are regarded entry-level property owners and are also not as many as the 1st two.

There is a wide range of colors readily available for painting the cabinets. You can get a quantity of samples that can match the style of your dwelling. If you need to have to make your property look sophisticated then for that you can go for cream or white color in the cabinets.

The painted kitchen cabinets can look utterly wonderful. They can appear actually pleasing to the eyes of an individual. However, producing the correct decision for the paint is a choice that would be a tiny hard to make. If you are arranging to sell your property then painting the kitchen cabinets would be a good thought. Along with painting the whole property, it will be superior if you paint the cabinets. This investment can significantly effect the price tag of your property.

Kitchen cabinet style can add charm to your kitchen, thus creating it seem far more attractive. It is normally improved not to compromise on the quality, even if you have to pay a small added price tag. You can construct your kitchen cabinet employing distinctive sorts of woods like Pine, Cherry, Oak, Poplar, Alder Maple, Hickory, and Birch. Amongst all, oak and Hickory are the hardest as well as the heaviest. For the objective of cabinetry, it is commonly cherry, maple and birch … Read More

Prevention is Cheaper Than Cure in a Professional Kitchen

In a professional kitchen it’s not location, location, location that’s important. Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance are the bywords if you want to avoid downtime. Possibly the worse nightmare for a chef is for a piece of the kitchen equipment to go down. The good thing is that the likelihood of this kind of scenario happening can be reduced. It can even be avoided completely. There are a number of other advantages as well. Such as improving the equipments lifespan, reducing energy consumption and making sure the equipment is performing its best.

What are the Benefits of Pro-Active Maintenance

One of the biggest advantages is that regular maintenance will work out cheaper in the long run. Waiting until something goes wrong is a false economy. Regular care and attention will be far less costly than having to call out an engineer and the possibility of having to buy a replacement. Including regular maintenance as part of your monthly expenses also means you won’t get any nasty surprises.

Regularly servicing kitchen equipment means there will be a far lower risk of it breaking down. If a piece of equipment breaks at a critical moment, just when you need it the most, it can have huge financial implications. Imagine a refrigerator breaking down when it is full of valuable stock. You may well have to wait for an engineer, in which time your stock will be ruined and have to be thrown away.

A regular maintenance schedule will save you money on a daily basis, not just when things go wrong. A well maintained piece of kitchen equipment will perform more efficiently. Let’s use the refrigerator again as an example. It has been found that looking after this vital piece of equipment properly can reduce electricity usage by up to 45%.

Believe it or not, poorly maintained equipment could mean you’re contravening food safety legislation. The Food Safety Act requires food producers to adequately maintain their equipment. This is to ensure cooking, hot holding and chilling equipment is performing correctly and not leading to cases of food poisoning. Amazingly, in the UK there are more than 1 million recorded cases of food poisoning every year. As well as endangering your customers, it can also result in huge and very painful fines. Possibly even imprisonment.

Keeping a professional kitchen well maintained is a business owners responsibility. The Dawnvale Group can offer useful advice. Regular maintenance of your valuable equipment will ensure your legal obligations are met, you reduce any risk to your customers and staff. It will also ensure you keep your valuable reputation intact.… Read More

How to Find a Good Electrician

We need our electricity more than we realize. Once is stops working we are lost and don’t know what to do. This is never a good thing and we will find ourselves having to call an electrician. If this happens in your house our for a rental building, you will have to make the effort to find the best electrician that you can. Not everyone has these skills and you need to be selective. Here are some ways to pick the best electrician for your home or business.


It can be all about a person’s reputation when you hire them to work on your home or office. An electrician should have a stellar reputation before you even think about paying them to handle a job. Social media allows us to find out who is good and what companies miss the cut. People are so open to share their reviews in today’s world where you can get a good snapshot of what the electrician did or didn’t do for them. It gives you insight you really couldn’t get before years ago. It seems as if you don’t even have to call the company but instead read a lengthy review that says it all. Not all reviews are negative and many times people want others to have the same experience with their good news.


Electrical problems happen in all types of neighborhoods and businesses. That doesn’t mean you should go for the first person or two people that show up with tools and a truck. It doesn’t hurt to ask them for credentials or to see their website. You want someone who is highly trained in the field in case there are any issues that go wrong. Don’t find yourself in court because you took someones word for it that they knew what they were doing. Many professional electricians will have paperwork with them if they are independent. Bigger electrician businesses will boost about them on their website. You can always follow up with the industry professional organizations if you are skeptical. It is also possible to find an electrician howell mi.


No one wants to hire an electrician and don’t get along with them. This is why its important to also pick up the phone and meet them. You can either do this in person or have a lively chat on the phone. Prepare a few questions and see if they really know their stuff. Personality traits are number one when hiring any one to do work for you. You are looking for the person that takes the time to explain things and not make you feel dumb for asking questions. Further, it helps when that person is gracious enough to even give you a bit of an education telling you what to look for and what not to do. This is a great electrician who understands the customer and tries to work with them instead of against them. Finding someone with a great personality will go … Read More